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It is often said that the crowning glory of a woman is in her hair or in this case, her hair extensions. Every woman loves to look beautiful and have an amazing and eye-catching hairstyle makes most women feel confident, attractive, powerful and ready to take on the world.

This is exactly why Client Boss Hair Couture was founded in the city of New York in 2015 to meet the ever-growing demand for High quality, beautiful and natural healthy hair.

Welcome to client Boss Hair Couture, The home of high quality, gorgeous and “virtuous hair”. That’s right! Virtuous hair! Our hair extensions are of the highest quality and have not been adulterated with any chemicals. Our hair extensions are beautiful, healthy luxurious and above all 100% natural, this is exactly what makes them pure and virtuous.

Meet Marcia Ward 

I have always been driven by the desire to provide a safe hair haven for lovers of high quality and lustrous hair extensions all while staying natural. It really was no surprise that I went into the line of providing the best quality hair extensions you can find anywhere in the world. I come from a long line of fashion and beauty enthusiasts, my family and I are deeply rooted in the world of beauty and fashion including the art of looking and feeling good. I literally grew up living and breathing everything fashion.

Growing up I always have always had the most unique hairstyles, fashion and style choices. My hairstyles were incredibly popular and “trending”, this led a lot of my friends and family to seek my advice on what hairstyles to choose that would suit them best. Before long I was meeting a lot of people who would throng to me with their hair extensions for consultations one what hairstyles to choose and what extensions would work best for what style. I have always been passionate about people looking their best and I love to help people, So armed with my extensive knowledge on hair extensions and the desire to help women have access to quality hair extensions at unbeatable prices that would last for years the idea of Client Boss Hair Couture was born.

How the Client Boss Hair Couture brand was born 

The name Client Boss was born from a fond nickname for my amazing son, my prince Lushane and his enthusiasm for my business. Lushane is very involved with the brand and he loves interacting with my clients, he loves welcoming them and finding out their concerns, needs, and complaints and resolving them all with a smile on his face. This earned him the nickname from our loyal customers “Clients Boss” and the name just stuck!

The Client Boss name and brand really emphasizes our dedication to giving our clients only the best hair extensions and since its inception in 2015, the Client Boss Hair Couture journey has been extremely worth it, fulfilled and filled with growth as we continue to expand. We currently offer the best hair extensions and natural hair essentials you can find anywhere in the world. Take our word for it!

Client Boss hair couture stocks only the highest quality hair extensions sourced from hair donors in South East Indian Temples, China, and other Asian countries. When it comes to quality, we offer only the best to our esteemed customers. Our hair extensions are 100% virgin cuticle hair that is healthy luxurious and would make anyone look absolutely stunning.

Why you should shop from the clients boss hair couture brand

We love every single one of our customers and we take care to provide a unique hair experience for each of you. In addition to being obtained from only the purest and healthiest sources, Our hairs strands are hand-picked and sterilized under the safest conditions to give you a hairstyle that is truly you which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Our hair extensions come in their natural state straight from the donors and are neither permed or relaxed. Client boss hair couture extensions have their natural straight or curly patterns and hair colors of black or brown. Our hair extensions are neither colored, dyed or tinted. You can choose to dye or color our hair extensions to a shade of your pleasure as they are free from chemicals and take to color well. Our hair extensions are extremely versatile and can be used to achieve any hairstyle be it braids, weaving or fusion. All our hair extensions are placed in the same direction so their cuticles remain intact and they do not get damaged, tangled or shed excessively.

Client boss hair couture offers you only the most durable hair extensions that will last you for years while retaining its luster and fullness. As long as you take good care of your hair extensions, you can use them as many times as you please without any shedding tangling and damage. Now isn’t that a great deal right there?


No one can deny that client boss hair couture is your one-stop shop for quality and affordable hair extensions that are beautiful, unique and are sure to have you turning heads and standing out wherever you go. We can guarantee you that a single purchase from our store will have you hooked for life! You are assured of 100% satisfaction from buying your hair extensions from us as we offer the best of the best in lustrous and naturally healthy hair extensions.

You can also follow us on our social media pages to stay updated on news, restocks and to catch up on all the fun stuff we are doing.

Have a wonderful day, thank you once again visiting our website and stay blessed as you discover and shop high-quality virtuous hair today.

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