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The Big Question is "Should I get a Closure Wig or a Frontal Wig"?

                 I'm here to help make your life easier by making the best choice as a new wig wearer.

So basically the difference between a closure and a frontal is that a Closure comes in different sizes. The size is measured in width and length.Thus; 2 × 4 and 2 × 6 that were commonly referred to as Kim k closures.

Then there is the regular 4 * 4 that’s exactly where we started, which was commonly used, until  the famous 5 * 5 , and 6* 6 closure. came about. The bigger the size, the bigger the area it will cover. These closures come with different parting. It could be free part, middle part or 3- part. The choice of what type of closure to use and what parting, depends on the you.

Kim k closure is best used with middle parting straight hair The other regular closures are versatile can be used with any hair.

A frontal has lace across the entire hairline, going from one ear to the next, while a closure only has lace 4" 5" 6" and 7" inches wide parting space in each direction. See below an example of a  Frontal  & a Closure. 

Now that you understand about the Closures lets get into the Frontals

You might have gotten caught up in the hype about frontals, but just in case you didn't do your research, and you're thinking about getting a lace frontal, this is what you need to know…
Remember I am the seller so this is not to turn anyone off from getting a frontal. It is just to educate  you on everything you need to know before you start spending  your money!

A frontal isn’t like the closure. It’s a full piece of lace that goes from ear to ear,  mimicking the hairline. This means your entire hairline will be covered,"None" of your hair will be left out wearing a frontal. I strongly suggest that If you haven’t tried a closure or if this is your first time wearing a wig, don’t try a frontal. A frontal is just an advanced version of a closure, that requires much more maintenance. 

They are very expensive, especially now that there is a worldwide shortage. Even the cheap frontals are expensive, they require a lot of work from the client to keep it looking good. Frontals don’t last for a long time and as I said before the Maintenance & upkeep is needed weekly. they usually last  for most people a bit longer sometimes up to  2-3 weeks. if you’re good at caring your hair then you may only need to have it re-touched without having to take off the entire wig or sew-in. Most times you will only need the frontal reapplied with Glue or Gel. 

Another way to wear is to get it sewn down which works very well, but once your braids/cornrows starts to grow/loosen then the frontal will began to loosen and it won’t be tight anymore. One of the most popular way is to have it installed using glue, gel. If you're someone like me that  sweat a lot, this may not be for you. As It will lift very fast & you’ll need to have it retouch up with Glue, or Gel which can be difficult especially for a new wig wearer that doesn't have that  skill. While closures works for everyone a frontal tends to be more complicated especially for people with small forehead or low hairline. 

A frontal may not be best for you. You will need to have enough forehead space to pull the lace frontal over your hairline to give a realistic appearance. Since you’re new at wearing wig you need to get comfortable knowing its It’s not your scalp. You will be wearing a lace. So If you’re not comfortable with that, a frontal may not be for you. Though, many stylist bleach the lace, put baby hairs, etc to make it look as natural as possible, it’s still lace, It’s not your scalp. In order to get a very natural look will requires bleaching the knots. Bleaching the frontal makes it look more realistic & natural, but just like you would bleach your natural hair and it gets damage bleaching can also cause shedding to the frontal. This doesn’t happen all the time especially if the stylist is very skilled, but sometimes they do shed after a few weeks. 

Once it starts to sheds the frontal gets thin. Then you’ll need to replace it. Again f you have thin, weak, broken or no edges at all  you won’t be able to wear a frontal without using glue, gel or other adhesive options You need full edges for the sewn down method. Also If your forehead is small.

                              Now that you’re ready for your first Wig I will need your measurements

 I will need 6 Measurements to make you a custom Wig that will give you the perfect fit.

All custom units are made using the measurements that you provided. Now you will need a tape measure, to record those measurements.

 1. Circumference. 2. Front to Nape. 3. Ear to Ear (forehead) 4. Ear to Ear (over top) 5.Temple to Temple. 6. Nape of neck as shown in the chart below:


Did you Decide if you Should get a Closure or Frontal wig?

I strongly suggest that If you haven’t wear a wig before or tried a closure or if this is your first time wearing a wig, don’t try a frontal. A frontal is just an advanced version of a closure, that requires much more maintenance. Or If you are new to lace, never worn a frontal, or simply wants something low maintenance you should purchase a closure wig. All our closure units are made glueless and very low maintenance. If you want to be able to part your hair in multiple ways, but you're still not ready to try a frontal wig you can definitely go with a larger size closure which is our (5x5 or 6x6). If that boss babe that don't mind the maintenance of your wig by ( adjusting baby hair, using mousse, and elastic band, you should get a frontal wig. 

I know that your next question is How long will your wig last?

Bundles and Wigs has a life expectancy of 6 months-3 years. All of which are determining by several factors, such as the quality and the care. As to how long your wig last is based on maintenance (how well you will take care of it), how often you will wear it, and if you process the hair by coloring it etc. You can extend the life of your custom wigs by taking care of it replacing the lace (Closure or frontal) once it gets old or starts shedding. Usually the lace will get old before the actual hair starts looking old. 

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